About Us

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Like many sons , my best friend was my mom. Math was always my favorite subject, coincidentally it was hers as well. During summer breaks, I would choose to spend most of my time with her at her work. She was an accountant and system admin for the State of Utah. I would sit there watching in amazement because she could type 90-100 wpm. Which meant she must be magic, naturally. I looked up to her, so when I had the opportunity to take accounting in school...I did. All those years of watching her, I was learning to do accounting. Something that was made obvious only after taking the courses. It didn't hurt to have readily accessible help on my homework either.

My first accounting job was as a clerk intern when I was 17 years old and have been gaining experience in the field in the nearly 20 years since. In those years, I have held many positions such as Assistant Controller, Accounting Manager, and Staff Accountant in many different industries such as Law, Construction, Contracting, Machining, and Advertising Firms. Giving me vast experience in many industries and with many accounting software programs. I also learned that the majority of people will stick to something no matter how inefficient it is, just because it is what has been done. I would always ask, 'but, why are we repeating this work when it would be so much faster to just do this?" To which my answer was always something resembling, "because that is how they want it done, so we do it" or "look here, a week as a contractor, and already you think you know better." I became an expert at adapting and changing; learning through this experience to make things as efficient as possible.

Ever since I was little I have always dreamed of owning a business. I decided to stop thinking of it as something I could do, and made it into something I am doing.  Accounting has become second nature to me. With the creation of Bernardo Bookkeeping, I can help small businesses and individuals create efficient accounting processes as well as stay connected with my late mother with fond memories of our shared love of numbers.