HR & Payroll

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HR & Payroll Services

  • Payroll Running (Weekly, Bi-weekly, Semi-monthly, Quarterly or Annual payroll)

  • Taxes (Calculation & filing of payroll taxes)

  • Forms (W-2, W-3, & 1099 filing of forms)

  • Reporting (New hire reporting)

  • Compliance (Labor law posters to hang in workplace, employee manual services, and other regulatory compliance help)

  • Outsourced HR (Extra compliance for piece of mind and employee onboarding, available with ADP or Gusto integration)

Payroll services are available as part of QuickBooks, Xero, and Sage, as well as with ADP and Gusto integrations.

Other Services as Requested 

  • Worker's Compensation (Pay-by-pay payment of Worker's Comp to avoid surprise lump sum)

  • Benefits (Management of health insurance and retirement accounts. available with ADP or Gusto integration)

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